The power of the spoken word

I spend a lot of time crafting written communication that has maximum impact, whether that be copy for a website, a case study or perhaps social media posts.

However last week I felt like a fish out of water when the communication became verbal not written, and even worse on video!

I consider myself a confident speaker and can happily stand up and present a 40 second business introduction or deliver a training course. But speak into a camera – nope that is way out of my comfort zone.

I was attending a Video Presenting Skills for Business course at Pinewood Studios with the aim of perfecting a 1 minute promotional video.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I wanted to share some of the key things that I learnt.

There are 3 key elements of communication:

  1. The words you use – surprisingly not the most important part!
  2. Your tone of voice
  3. Body Language

When presenting you need to think about the most important words that you want to get across and make sure you emphasize them.

Don’t be afraid of silence – leave a pause – this can be very powerful.

Check your speed – even if you think you are speaking slowly the chances are you are not.

Even though you are not talking to someone in person you will be on video and the person will be watching you very closely. Look into the camera and be authentic, use eye contact.

Be passionate – it is your business so be proud!

And finally remember SMILE and your voice will too!

video presentation workshop

The course was run by and in conjunction with the 10-12 Business Club (Structured professional networking for business women)

If you would like to learn more I would be happy to talk in more detail about my experience.  You can contact me via email