Facebook – what the algorithm update will mean to your page.

I am sure by now you will have heard about the big change coming – Facebook is altering the algorithm that runs the news feed. The new goal is to help you “have more meaningful interactions”. Changes are always being made but this one is quite significant in terms of your Facebook marketing strategy.

It is important to remember that Facebook is a ‘social’ media platform.  It is all about people and personal connections.  A lot of businesses have missed the point and think of it just as a vehicle for sales. The problem is we don’t just want to be sold to do we?  Moving forward engagement will be the crucial factor that will determine whether your page’s content deserves to show up in the news feed.

This is your opportunity to show your human side and create content that resonates with your target audience. Hopefully this will mean that in the future time spent on Facebook will be time well spent!

If your strategy up until have been focusing on just generating awareness, perhaps by posting news stories then you need to start thinking about how you are going to change. Remember page posts that result in back and forth conversation will be prioritised so comments become key rather than just likes and shares.

Ways to maintain the success of your page will be:

  • Ask questions
  • Be engaging
  • Post timely relevant topics that users are sure to have an opinion on
  • Tell stories
  • Test different types of content
  • Create more live video (on average they get 6 x more interactions than a regular video)
  • Join Facebook Groups – they already operate based on audience engagement. Decide whether a Group is relevant to your business and set one up.
  • Advertising – It has been obvious over the last year that organic reach of a page post has been declining rapidly and we have been encouraged to boosts posts and create targeted ads to regain lost reach. After all Facebook is a business and they want us to pay to access their audience.

Engagement Bait

Don’t use ‘Engagement bait’ – this is a big No No.  Simply this is asking your audience to comment on a post.  Facebook will know you are doing this and continue to demote these posts as they are not meaningful interaction.

Remember these three key points:

  1. Your focus should be more on quality posts that spark conversations rather than quantity.
  2. If something isn’t working, then change it – use your Insights.
  3. Facebook is not the only social media platform available to you and a successful social media marketing strategy will include other platforms.


I hope you found this article useful.  Remember that it will take time for the impact of this update to be seen and things are constantly changing!

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